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By shopping with us you save time, avoid walking out with a lot of money and ensure you don’t receive counterfeit banknotes. Free delivery to Buenos Aires city.

Exchange your dollars/euros for 1000 pesos banknotes here:

1000 pesos “Hornero” red ovenbird banknote. Free Delivery in Buenos Aires city

Exchange your dollars/euros for 500 pesos banknotes here:

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Are you travelling to Argentina? Save from 50% and up to 70% in restaurants using your “blue coupons”. It applies to any restaurant across the country. In fact, it applies to any store because they all accept these “Argentine coupons” because they are officially issued. Did you know that if you pay with a credit card, you are paying the amounts in the official dollar, which is worth half the informal dollar in the unofficial market? Acquiring these “coupons” with your dollars/euros you double your purchasing power. With this method, a lunch that includes a good quality roast beef, and a good wine can cost you from 10 dollars. Now you understand why you have to buy these “discount coupons”, otherwise it will be too late to repent having exchanged your dollars at 360 pesos each.

For your order, it is enough to give advance notice of a couple of business days (M-F).

  • Applies to any restaurant/store ✓
  • It allows you to pay 1/3 of the price of the products/services.
  • You avoid going out on the street with a lot of money in search of an exchange office. ✓
  • You can immediately deposit the money in the safe in your room.
  • Buying with us ensures you that you do not receive counterfeit bills. ✓
  • Coupons for up to USD/€ 2000 ✓
  • Physical coupons only with delivery/pick-up in Buenos Aires ✓
  • Claim your coupons now! ✓

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2000, 1900, 1800, 1700, 1600, 1500, 1400, 1300, 1200, 1100, 1000

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  1. Abundia

    “Blue Coupons” so as to pay a very lower fare at your restaurant or any store, because you get a much better quote in local currency for your dollars/euros.

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