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Bird Watching in Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires birdwatching

Bird Watching in the Buenos Aires Nature Reserve

The ecological Reserve of Buenos Aires, also known as Costanera Sur Ecological Reserve, is a section of 865 acres (3.50 km2) of lowlands on the banks of the River Plate, located on the east side of the Puerto Madero District in Buenos Aires. Argentina.

The ecological Reserve of Buenos Aires is located on the east side of the neighborhood of Puerto Madero, it is a green space of the city of Buenos Aires. It has marshes, lagoons, grasslands, shrubs and forests (such as willows and alders), as well as the rubble-filled beaches of the River Plate. Small, shallow lagoons are found in the most depressed part of the wetland. It was colonized by different types of seed plants present in the land that were propagated by the wind or transported by the birds. This in turn favored the establishment of animal populations by providing shelter and food. At least 300 species of birds, 9 of amphibians, 23 of reptiles, 10 of mammals and 50 of butterflies have been sighted.

Birds at your fingertips

Buenos Aires Natural Reserve
Bird Watching in Buenos Aires Natural Reserve

It maintains the summer populations of aquatic birds such as Black-necked Swan (Cygnus Melancoryphus) and Coscoroba (Coscoroba Coscoroba). Also duck species (Anas sp.) and coots (Fulica sp.), Porphyrula Martinique, Gallinula sp. (Aramus Guarauna), Casmerodius albus, Egretta Thula (Heron), Botaurus pinnatus, Ixobrychus Involucris (Stripe-backed bittern), Grebe (Podiceps sp.) and Biguá (Phalacrocorax olivaceus), and raptors related to aquatic environments.

Mammals and reptiles of Buenos Aires

In the bodies of water and in the bath there are species of mammals like Myocastor coypus (Coipo or otter). In the wetlands and grasslands there are species of aquatic and semi-aquatic snakes and a species of great saurians, the lizard (Tupinambis teguixin). There are also wild rodents such as Akodon azarae (Common mouse), Cavia pig Pamparum (Pampas guinea pig), Oligoryzomys flavescens, Vesper Musculinus, marsupials such as Lutreolina Crassicaudata and Didelphis albiventris (White-eared Opossum) and Myotis Myotis (Bat).

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ArG Tour TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2019

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