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Photo Safari in Iberá Wetlands from Buenos Aires

Iberá Wetlands from Buenos Aires

Excursion to the Esteros del Iberá from Buenos Aires or Iguazú

Iberá Wetlands from Buenos Aires. Located in the center of Corrientes, Esteros del Iberá is the most important wetland and water reserve in Argentina; it is also one of the paradises for nature lovers and photographers.

Its name comes from “Y vera” which means bright waters, attributed by the Guarani who lived in the region. Be it its name in a real or literal sense, the brilliant waters of Iberá captivate any traveler with its beauty, tranquility and genuine wealth.

To discover it, one of the closest accesses to the city of Corrientes is the Portal San Nicolás.

Alligator. Iberá Wetlands from Buenos Aires
Alligator. Iberá Wetlands from Buenos Aires

Iberá Wetlands from Buenos Aires in 2 days

San Miguel is a Guaraní town located 165 km from the city of Corrientes. Declared a National Historic Town due to its origins, it is the gateway to the Portal San Nicolas of Iberá Wetlands, which with 110.00 hectares is the largest of all the portals in the Park. The entrance is an adventure through extensive sandbanks that are traveled only by truck (Transfer) until we reach the National Park where we will travel 34 km of the best fauna sighting in the country, such as capybaras, alligators, swamp deer and hundreds of birds.
Excursiones Esteros del Iberá from Corrientes
Trip to Iberá Wetlands from Buenos Aires
💸 How much does it cost?
Iberá Wetlands from Buenos Aires costs
🙋🏻‍♂️ USD117 /night
👩🏻‍🤝‍👨🏽 USD98 per person/night
👨‍👨‍👧 USD82 per person/night
👨‍👨‍👧‍👧 USD65 per person/night
1️⃣ Visit to the Iberá National Park
  • Transfer to the National Park
  • A homemade lunch or snack
  • National Park guide
  • Fauna sighting and photographic safari.
  • A kayak or canoe ride.
2️⃣ Breakfast or picnic
An unforgettable visit to a country tea house run by its owner. All homemade, all fresh, an experience like no other.
3️⃣ Horse Riding
San Miguel has wonderful surroundings, because the town is located in the limits of the Iberá reserve, touring it on horseback invites you to mingle with the landscape and become the protagonist.
4️⃣ Accommodation
Air conditioner, Satellite TV, Parking, Pool, Restaurant, Library.
Not included
Not included but you can book them, ask for a quote:
  • Flight rate to Corrientes (From USD96-250 roundtrip) +  Bus from Corrientes around USD20 roundtrip. The plane trip lasts 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • Bus rate to Corrientes from USD115 roundtrip + Transfer from San Miguel terminal 7km away from the hotel by car USD15 roundtrip (3 people). The bus trip lasts 13 hours 45 minutes, the seat turns into a bed.
How to book: 🤝
  • Through a deposit of 30%.
  • If you pay at USD, it is made through Wise or Western Union with a local transfer or deposit in the US or with a debit/credit card.
  • If you pay in EUR it is in our local Wise bank account or Western Union. In both cases we will provide you with the account data.
  • If you pay in ARS, it must be by local transfer/deposit in Argentina, PagoFácil, RapiPago.

Iberá + Oberá Extension Trip

Granja La Lechuza Ecolodge

We introduce “Granja La Lechuza Ecolodge”, a sustainable tourism project outside the town of Oberá, run by a small Argentine-Swedish family that includes an ecolodge, an organic farm and a protected natural area totaling 21.6 hectares. In our ecolodge there are 12 hectares of Paraná rainforest which includes 2 streams and 2 waterfalls, which gives our visitors a unique nature experience.

You might be interested in exploring our farm, it would be an ideal destination to include in your program and have a deeper experience of Misiones and rainforest agriculture. In addition, Oberá was founded by Scandinavian immigrants in 1910 and offers the opportunity to combine the visit with historical aspects.

In our ecolodge we have room for 22 people and have a small restaurant that offers food from the farm to the table. Our rainforest area has a 2 km path that leads to streams and waterfalls, providing a nature contact experience in an intimate environment with sustainable design. Our guided tours are distinguished by their ecological and socio-historical content.

We look forward to hosting you and your family. As an Argentine-Swedish-Swiss family, we speak several languages fluently, which eases communication with a wide range of visitors.

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TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2019