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Argentine Nature and Culture Tours

Argentine Nature and Culture Tours

Native animals and birds of the Pampas

Excursion to a farm that has a zoo in the Pampas with private guide. The experience begins with a traditional lunch prepared by an Argentinean family, consisting of grilled meat, a variety of salads. As an option you can request a wine tasting from the main producing regions.

Traditional lunch in the Pampas

This zoological park in the Pampas has native animals and birds of Argentina, but especially of the region of Buenos Aires. In the outdoor park we can also observe the native birds.

Pampas wildlife

For example we can watch the characteristic bird of the Pampas, the Rhea.

Ñandu or Rhea from Pampas

And perhaps the delicate flamingos surprise us with a dance.

Flamingos in Buenos Aires

Or perhaps the llama will greet us with a blatant spit.

Llama in Buenos Aires

It will be possible to organise an optional horseback riding tour and approximation to the gaucho culture. We will serve the traditional mate, the national drink, accompanied by the traditional Argentinian confectionery called “Alfajor”.

Horseback riding with gauchos in the Pampas

Upon returning, before heading to the minivan terminal that will take you back to the capital city of Buenos Aires, the tour continues with a walk in the city center of Adrogué, a typical city on the southern outskirts of Greater Buenos Aires.

Tour in Adrogué city

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ArG Tour TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2019
ArG Tour TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2019

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