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“Tierra del Fuego The End of the World”

Ushuaia from Buenos Aires

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The Big Island of Tierra del Fuego is located in the extreme south of America, a continent from which it is separated by the Strait of Magellan. It has two well differentiated sectors, the northern two thirds are formed by plateaus and gently undulating plains. The south is occupied by the southern end of the Andes mountain range, which here has an East-West orientation. Only 30% of the island is covered by forests. There is the Guaitecas cypress, the southernmost conifer in the world.

Tierra del Fuego The end of the world

Lapataia Bay, Ushuaia. "Tierra del Fuego The End of the World"
Lapataia Bay, Ushuaia. “Tierra del Fuego The End of the World”

Excursion to Tierra del Fuego National Park

Tierra del Fuego National Park is located 12 km from Ushuaia and our tour begins when the guide picks up each passenger at their accommodation.

The first stop of the tour is at the End of the World Train station, there you can choose to take the train, an optional activity, and those who choose not to take the train can tour the station with the guide and then continue inside the park. On board the train, a journey of approximately 1 hour, you will hear the history of the prisoners in Ushuaia and other interesting secrets of the city. If you took the tour, don’t worry, the guide will give you all the information you missed.

Already inside the park and surrounded by forests and the sea coast of the Beagle Channel, in Ensenada Zaratiegui, we will find the southernmost Post Office in the World, so we recommend you bring your passport to stamp it. The office is open from the end of October to the end of April.

Another of the sites that we will visit is Lake Acigami / Roca, a dazzling lake of glacial origin, located on the border between Argentina and Chile, and it is important to say that at all times we will have the opportunity to observe native fauna such as black-necked swans, cauquenes, cormorants, striped rays, foxes and the flora of the Fuegian forest.

The last place to visit is Lapataia Bay, where National Route No. 3 ends, and the final stretch of the longest land connection in America, which allows us to go by car from Ushuaia to Alaska. Pan American!

Together with our guide, we will discover all the secrets of the Park, while we enjoy the emotion of being at the End of the World.”

  • PRICE: From USD40
  • DURATION: 5 hours
  • PEOPLE: Unlimited
  • MINIMUM AGE: Unlimited


  • Transportation
  • Bilingual guide (Spanish-English).

Not included

  • Entrance to the National Park AR$2100 General and AR$260 Argentinians.


  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday
  • 07:30 – 08:00 a.m.

City Tour Bajo Cero + Mini trekking Martial Glacier

Martial Glacier, Ushuaia. Tierra del Fuego The End of the World
Martial Glacier, Ushuaia. Tierra del Fuego The End of the World

The Bajo Cero City Tour is the most complete tour to get to know the city of Ushuaia and its surroundings. In this walk you will get the best tips, where to eat, where to buy and what to do.

We will begin the excursion visiting the La Misión neighborhood, to appreciate in this incredible corner of Ushuaia the entire extension of the city at the foot of the Andes Mountains. Next, we will go to take photos of ourselves in the most emblematic posters of Ushuaia.

We will know where the prison of Ushuaia is located and we will continue our journey to the Le Martial Natural Reserve, where the famous Martial Glacier is located. We will be in this reserve for about an hour and a half. Here we will take a moderate hike with the local guide at a walking pace, which will last approximately one hour. It is very important to be in good physical condition, and this hike is not recommended for people with knee problems.

Passengers who do not wish to walk have the Cabaña Casita de Té, a picturesque cabin that preserves the Fuegian architectural style. You can choose to have a coffee or tea or just get to know the surroundings.

Other options that can be done is a Canopy tour, which must be booked in advance to secure places and has an extra cost (operative as of December). At the end of the tour, we will take each passenger to their hotel.

  • PRICE: Starting at $35
  • DURATION: 3 hours
  • PEOPLE: Unlimited
  • MINIMUM AGE: Unlimited


  • Availability: All year.
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday

Yacht navigation through the Beagle Channel

Beagle Channel, Ushuaia. "Tierra del Fuego The End of the World"
Beagle Channel, Ushuaia. “Tierra del Fuego The End of the World”

We depart from the local port towards Isla Alicia, where we will observe a colony of sea lions of a hair. Then we head towards the Isla de los Pájaros, where colonies of royal and imperial cormorants live next to their nests, being able to see their chicks from spring to autumn.

Once again we head east to another small island where, depending on the time of year, there are two-haired sea lions.

Very close is the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse, an authentic symbol of the city of Ushuaia, built in 1919. From there we spotted the island of rock cormorants.

On the way back, we disembark on Bridges Island to walk along a flora and birdlife interpretation trail, telling you the history of the Yámanas aborigines. On this island are the largest Yámana anthropogenic shell middens in the region.

Being the largest island, we touch the highest panoramic point from where we observe the magnificence of the Beagle Channel with the City of Ushuaia in the distance.

Together with our guide, we will discover all the secrets of the Park, while we enjoy the emotion of being at the End of the World.

  • PRICE: From USD58
  • DURATION: 4 hours
  • PEOPLE: Unlimited
  • MINIMUM AGE: Unlimited


  • Local guide
  • coffee with liquor
  • Different varieties of tea or hot chocolate with sweet cookies

Not included

  • Transportation from the hotel to the port
  • Port tax of ARS40 per person


  • Available all year.
  • AM and PM departures

Walking with penguins

Penguin Tour, Ushuaia. "Tierra del Fuego The End of the World"
Penguin Tour, Ushuaia. “Tierra del Fuego The End of the World”

Places of interest: Estancia Harberton and Isla Martillo Colony of Magellanic and Papua penguins.

Live an unforgettable experience among penguins! This summer you can be part of this exclusive tour, walking the island of the penguins. The walk lasts one hour.

The guide will tell you all about the life of these incredible creatures. In addition, you will visit Estancia Harberton, the oldest in Tierra del Fuego. There we will visit the Museum of Birds and Marine Mammals «»Acatushún»».

  • PRICE: From USD120
  • DURATION: 7 hours
  • PEOPLE: Unlimited
  • MINIMUM AGE: Unlimited


  • Walk in penguin colony 1 hour with guide
  • Round trip bus transfer from the port of Ushuaia

Not included

  • Entrance to Estancia Harberton ARS $ 2500
  • Lunch
  • Transfer to the tourist pier


  • In summer
  • (from October to May)

Full Day Lake Escondido and Fagnano + Beavers

Lake Fagnano, "Tierra del Fuego The End of the World"
Lake Fagnano, “Tierra del Fuego The End of the World”

Discover the beauty of these enchanting lakes surrounded by forest, in deep valleys created by glaciers in the Andes Mountains.

The first stop will be at the Valle Carbajal viewpoint, where we will interpret the natural landscape and take excellent photographs.
We will continue through the valley until we reach the area of winter centers, we will visit some of them.

Along National Route No. 3, we will cross the Cordillera de los Andes fueguinos, at a height of 430 meters above sea level, we will observe Lake Escondido from the viewpoint of Paso Garibaldi.

The next place to visit will be Lake Fagnano or Kami (in the native language), one of the largest lakes in Argentina.

Next to this lake is the historic ranch La Carmen, there we will enjoy a coffee and take a moderate walk through the place.
On the way back, we will stop for lunch at one of the winter resorts. You can opt for the typical Fueguino lamb or Trout a la canoe. Lunch value is not included.»

  • PRICE: From USD58
  • DURATION: 6 hours
  • PEOPLE: Unlimited
  • MINIMUM AGE: Unlimited


  • Transportation
  • Bilingual guide (Spanish – English).
  • Entrance to the Estancia

Not included

Lunch. free lamb ARS $2,500 paying at the restaurant.


Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday.
9:00 a.m.

Monday Wednesday and Friday.
3:00 p.m.

Off road 4×4

Ushuaia Forests. "Tierra del Fuego The End of the World"
Ushuaia Forests. “Tierra del Fuego The End of the World”

So that everyone wants to know and enjoy the wonderful views of the forest and the rivers that border two lakes, we created an authentic 4×4 journey, suitable for all types of travelers. People with reduced mobility or who prefer to rest their legs will be able to explore, photograph or simply let themselves be carried away by the unique nature of the Escondido and Fagnano lakes (Cami in its original name).

When we broke ground and launched this tour – in 1998 – no one else was doing anything like «»Lagos Off-Road»» which, even today, continues to characterize our emphasis on quality and professionalism to present each place in a fun way. Long the only one of its kind in Tierra del Fuego, our tour made it known to tourists and locals alike! places like the Laguna Bombilla. Now, «»Lagos Off Road»» is one of the main excursions in Tierra del Fuego and since then our proposal improves every year: since 2009, this tour receives constant praise on Tripadvisor as “the best excursion off the road in Ushuaia” of part of passengers from all over the world: from Texas, Paris, Buenos Aires, Lago Puelo and also from locals in Tierra del Fuego!

The company of our guides, the (already famous) meal in our refuge on Lake Fagnano and the Argentinian Malbec shared in a friendly atmosphere are memorable. Almost as much as the adventure of knowing the oldest parts of the ancient forest and the most unusual, beautiful and secret views of the enormous Fagnano Lake.

All those who want to live a more intimate excursion can hire their own guide and their own van to enjoy a “tailor-made trip”. There, small children can also join without age restrictions and the whole family can build their own path»

At the end of the off road tour, lunch will be enjoyed in a refuge on the shores of Lake Fagnano.

  • PRICE: From USD115
  • DURATION: 7/8 hours
  • PEOPLE: Unlimited
  • MINIMUM AGE: 3 years


  • Transportation
  • Guide and lunch with drinks
  • Full lunch consisting of picada, roast beef, chorizo, salad, dessert and drinks (wine, water, soft drinks), coffee, tea and mate cocido. Vegetarian and celiac menus with prior notice.


  • 9:00 a.m.
  • Availability all year
  • (Consult)

White landscape

Snowmobile in Ushuaia. "Tierra del Fuego The End of the World"
Snowmobile in Ushuaia. “Tierra del Fuego The End of the World”

We start with the pick up from the hotel, from where we will have a half hour transfer to Llanos del Castor, our winter resort. The excursion consists of 3 outdoor activities, always guided by trained personnel.
First, we will do a light snowshoe trek on a frozen peat swamp. Snowshoes are very useful when there is a lot of snow, since they allow you not to sink into it.

Then you will go on a snowmobile ride on a circuit inside the beautiful snow-covered forest. If you have never ridden a snowmobile before, it will not be a hindrance. The guide will give instructions on how to do it and if you can’t, we’ll take you. Two people will go on each motorcycle and in the middle of the circuit there will be a change of driver so that both can handle it.

Finally, we will take a sled ride through the snowy forests to appreciate the Patagonian Fuegian winter in a unique way!

Finally, we will invite you to our cozy restaurant so that you can enjoy a hot lunch.
Return to the hotel after having lived an unforgettable experience!

RECOMMENDATIONS : It is necessary to have suitable clothing for winter activities; pants and snow jacket, hat, gloves, warm and waterproof shoes. If you do not have them, it is possible to rent in the city center.

  • PRICE: From USD115
  • DURATION: 5 hours
  • PEOPLE: Unlimited
  • MINIMUM AGE: Unlimited


  • Sleigh ride with dogs
  • Snowshoeing
  • snowmobile ride
  • Regional food with drink Lunch (Chicken disk or Trout with Risotto + dessert), Drinks (beer, wine or soda).

Not included

  • Snow clothing.


  • Winter activity.
  • Daily departures.
  • Departure 9 a.m. / Return 2 p.m.

Southern King Crab Adventure

A day in a fishing village

Southern king crab Adventure, "Tierra del Fuego The end of the world"
Southern king crab Adventure, “Tierra del Fuego the end of the world”

Experience an unforgettable day in a picturesque coastal town. You will feel part of a village while navigating, you will catch your own crab on the shores of the Beagle Channel, you will learn cooking secrets and you will enjoy the Patagonian style!

We first head to Ushuaia National Highway 3, then follow a gravel road through dense native forest. We will arrive at Laguna Victoria where we will make a stop to have a coffee. Ready to continue, we will take you to Puerto Almansa, the southernmost fishing port in Argentina.

From there we will follow another gravel road for about 15 kilometers until we reach the beginning of the path that leads to the Cascada del Duende. After this amazing walk, we return to a charming little fishing village where local families welcome us and invite us to come on board before heading to a suitable location to begin our Crab catching experience.

We make a stop, set our traps and wait to catch the biggest crabs! When we return to the coast, in their small restaurant, the owners will prepare a Patagonian-style king crab cooked in seawater. In addition, they will teach us to enjoy it better.

We will also find some surprises for the Beagle, which may vary depending on the time of year.

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