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  • 03.24.2019

My parents always told me it's better sometimes to have friends than money. My network of contacts in the country and abroad allowed me to access exclusive places and services at an affordable prices, yet luxury and exclusive or original and authentic. I organize luxury tailor made Argentina travel services for ordinary people.
Many travel agencies are writing about Argentina and selling trips here even without having ever been here. At ArG Tour, you will always receive accurate and up-to-date information from me that I'm based in Argentina. Do you know, for example at what time of the year, you can watch whales, penguins and sea lions on Valdés Península? Or where can you hold a toucan on your arm in Iguazu? It's the small details that make the difference on your trip, It's all about those amazing hideaways that other tourists unfortunately miss.

Diego riding horse in Pampas

I encourage you to discover the authentic genuine Argentina. During the Buenos Aires day tours I am focused on important facts about Argentina or the places we will visit in Buenos Aires city. We will make a thorough review through Argentinan History and its connection to European History, also current topics, everyday reality in Buenos Aires city, tastings of traditional meals, wines, desserts and homemade ice cream. We can also arrange your Buenos Aires airport pick-up for your convenience and safety. Also we can prepare a local Argentine sim card for your cell phone for you to avoid expensive roaming bills.

Most tourists are taken to estancias (ranch) in the Pampas or tango show restaurants in Buenos Aires intentionally prepared to receive guests. That is OK, but also, I propose really authentic representative Argentinean activities less frequented by tourists, such as the horseback riding in Pampas, or the tango tour at the traditional Tango Clubs where the traditional Tango Orchestras play live and the tango fans do what they love, dancing tango.

Iguazú Falls from Buenos Aires

Your Buenos Aires day tour or excursion will be even more exciting when you get the knowledge of a private guide expert who can tailor private tours according to your interests. Private tour guide, interpreter in English, Swedish, Italian and Spanish. Tailor-made services.

Argentina Travel Designer and Travel Project Manager providing an unforgettable and seamless experience to your customers. I am versatile enough to provide you the person to person service you are looking for, ranging from private guiding, wine tasting at the wine cellars or vineyards, travel planning/purchasing.

Cruise in the fjords of Patagonia

Are you planning to visit other attractions in Argentina besides Buenos Aires? Let's plan your itinerary together, and book domestic flights either when you're in Argentina or from your country of residence. We can also search together for the best hotel in the desired category.

Discover Argentina's Wonders. Travel Program for Argentina. A Smart Proposal.

Download the attached PDF file to get the complete proposal for a comprehensive trip to Argentina. It was developed in the smartest possible way, taking into account the current air routes and Argentina's Attractions, World Heritage Sites and Natural Wonders. Keep in mind that the best time to visit the Valdés Peninsula with all the animals (whales, penguins, elephant seals, ecc) in full at the same time is between September 15 and October 15. Please note that some air routes are only operational from 1 August to 28 February.

Rio de Janeiro beaches → Iguazú FallsAndean High Plateau → Andes in Mendoza → Glaciers in El Calafate → Southernmost City Ushuaia → Whales & Penguins in Valdés Peninsula → Buenos Aires City & Pampas

Big Argentine Civic Holidays

Revolution Day

During the mentioned dates big celebrations take place. There are Gaucho Parades and Gaucho Markets out in the Pampas countryside.
On May 25th 1810 the Argentine independence process begins and is fulfilled on July 9th 1816.



Argentine Flag's Day

One of Argentina's greatest heroes General Manuel Belgrano created our Argentine National Flag near Rosario City. The colours were actually taken from the House of Bourbon.

Independence Day

Declaration of Independence from Spain was signed in the Argentinean Province of Tucumán, on July 9th 1816.



The Liberator San Martín's Day

General José de San Martín is Argentina's greatest hero. He liberated present Argentina, Chile and Perú in the XIX century.