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Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires

Iguazú Falls Tour from Buenos Aires

Iguazu Falls Tour from Buenos Aires

Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires are located at a distance of 1,300 km (800 miles) from Buenos Aires, in the province of Misiones. They are almost 3 km wide and consist of 270 waterfalls of up to 80 meters high. They were chosen as one of the seven natural wonders of the world in November 2011. The Argentine side represents 80% of the falls. The starting point to visit the Argentinean side is Puerto Iguazú, but also excursions to Foz do Iguaçu depart from Puerto Iguazú.

Day Tour to Iguazú

Round trip in the day either to the Argentine falls full day tour or to the Brazilian falls half day tour, with the possibility of adding an additional excursion such as the bird park, the Itaipu dam, the Wanda mines, the Biocentro, or the hummingbird garden, etc. Direct flight back to Buenos Aires, Córdoba or Salta. The cheapest ticket includes hand luggage. Approximate cost: U$D700-750 for two people, U$D400-450 for one person.

Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires. Classic 4 days 3 nights

Day 1

Departure to the Iguazu falls from the domestic airport, located near the beaches of the River of Plata. Hotel transfer. We are going to stay in a wonderful eco lodge in the rainforest.

Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires
Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires

Day 2

The morning will be dedicated to the waterfalls on the Brazilian side. After lunch we will visit the Bird Park with incredible tropical birds. Optional excursion: Itaipu. Meals: Breakfast

Park of Birds, Foz do Iguaçu

Day 3

This whole day is devoted to hiking along the orderly system of trails and observation sites erected on the Argentinean side. A highlight is the short train ride to the Devil’s throat. With a little luck, in addition to innumerable birds of colors, coatis and capuchin monkeys are also observed. Meals: Breakfast

Hummingbirds Garden, Puerto Iguazú

Day 4

Day off. Optional Excursions (ask for fees): 1) Wanda mines, 2) Jesuit ruins of San Ignacio Miní, 3) Garden of Hummingbirds, 4) Aripuca, 5) Biocentro. Transfer to the airport of Puerto Iguazú for the return to Buenos Aires (included).

Excursion costs

Iguazu Falls from Buenos Aires excursion is tailor-made, according to the days and excursions you prefer. Here are some examples of the most common packages:


3 days 2 nights. Round trip flights. Round trip airport transfer. Jungle Lodge Hotel with breakfast included. Excursion on the Argentine and Brazilian sides with Parque das Aves and all ticket fees included. U$D1,250 for two passengers.


2 days 1 night. Argentine side and Brazilian side excursion, Parque das aves. U$D310 per person approx. (Airfare included) + Hotel U$D160 approx. double room = U$D780 for two travellers.

3 days 2 nights. Excursion Argentine side and Brazilian side, Park of Birds U$D310 for two ppl (Airfare included) + Hotel U$D320 double room = U$D940 for two ppl.

4 days 3 nights. Excursion Argentine side and Brazilian side, Park of Birds U$D310 per passenger (airfare included) + U$D480 double room = U$D1100 for two travellers.

5 days 4 nights. Excursion Argentine side and Brazilian side, Park of Birds, Mines of Wanda and jesuit ruins of San Ignacio Miní U$D400 per passenger (airfare included) + U$D640 double room = 1440 for two travellers.

Fee for the service U$D100

Typically, bookings are taken in advance. Local transfers are accepted in euros (Transfer Wise, Western Union), or local deposits and cards through Wise in US dollars, Australian dollars, Canadian dollars, British pounds among other currencies, and also in stable cryptocurrencies.

Services included

  • Round-trip plane tickets
  • Transfer in
  • Eco Lodge hotel with breakfast
  • Excursion to Argentine side and Brazilian side, Bird park
  • Transfer out

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ArG Tour TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2019
ArG Tour TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2019

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  3. I had the difficult task of organizing a trip to Buenos Aires and an excursion to the falls from Uruguay for my in-laws who were coming from abroad. Thanks to Diego’s excellent service everything went perfectly and we all really enjoyed our days in Argentina. Diego organized the transfers, the hotel in Iguazú, the tickets to the parks on the Argentine and Brazilian side, the excursions and at all times gave us recommendations for places to visit, to go to eat, even the seat on the plane with the best view upon arrival. Details that greatly enriched our experience. For your warm treatment and great service, we are very grateful and highly recommend Argtour.

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