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Guided horseback riding in the Pampas

Horse riding Pampas

Guided horseback riding and visit to a typical village of the Pampas

This is a countryside day with guided horseback riding in the Pampas whose protagonist are the horses, the plan goes from 2pm to 6pm approximately. It is mandatory to make an advance booking. We meet at 2pm at a country house located in the old town of Uribelarrea. Participants meet each other and make a first contact with the horses, where we present our herd of Argentine horses (criollos), while we are together with them and finish to prepare them.

Guided horseback riding in the Pampas
Typical town in Pampas. Guided horseback riding in the Pampas

After this we get ready to ride and go out to explore the rural roads and impassable-by-car tracks because of boulders around Uribelarrea. The landscape is rugged and typical of the Pampas plain, where we can observe the plants and wildlife of Buenos Aires and farms such as cattle ranches, dairies and sown fields. We pass through the historic village of Uribelarrea, and take the countryside by a rural circuit and will be back at the farm. The horseback ride lasts three hours, 17 km away. Upon returning, we’ll unsaddle the horses and have a delicious snack, which consists of tea/maté cocido, maté, water, juices, sodas, home-made pasta, sweet and salty cookies.

Guided horseback riding in the Pampas
Gaucho riding Pampas.Guided horseback riding in the Pampas


-Have a minimum level of riding to complete the tour.
-Kids from twelve (12) years, with written permission of their parents.
-Keep in mind that this is an activity that excercises the whole body, mainly your back.
-Pampas trousers or similar.
-Long sleeve shirt.
-Espadrilles, gaiters, high boots, or smooth sole shoes (without platform).
-Pampas hat or beret, and neckpiece.

-Terms and Conditions:

In case the participant decides not to come, it should be reported 48 hours before, and we leave the reservation for another day subject to availability.
In case of cancelling, the advance payment will be returned or it will be noted as a credit note for another date, this is the choice of the participant.

Guided horseback riding in the Pampas
Horses Samborombón Pampas. Guided horseback riding in the Pampas

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ArG Tour TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2019
ArG Tour TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2019

3 thoughts on “Guided horseback riding in the Pampas

  1. Hey, I would like to know where this is located. I live in Buenos aires and am interested to go with some friends, we are about 10. We are all experienced and know how to canter; some know how to galop. thanks!

    1. Dear Sophie,

      Thanks for your enquiry! These guided horse ridings in the town of Uribelarrea are programmed, they took place recently on May 26 and 27. I will get info about the next one in the future, they organize them about a week in advance.

      There is an alternative guided horse riding at a ranch in Zárate which focuses on horses, but they also include everything else a ranch is used to offer, like a traditional barbecue, this is a full day activity. On the other hand, the activity in Uribelarrea is a half day activity and is not focused on food but offers sort of “fast food” or snack like sandwiches at tea time.

      Both activities are located at 1 hour distance from downtown Buenos Aires.

      Best regards!

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